Years Racing: Did my first race in 2004 then didn't do another one until 2010 and I’ve been racing since

Favorite Event: They're all fun.

Occupation: Consultant

Favorite Meal: I just like to eat. If it's on my plate, it's going down the hatch. Things I won't eat are wheat pancakes or raw coconut.

Food Indulgence: Ice cream, donuts, pizza and ice cold draft beer.

Favorite Book: Who has time to read?   

Hobbies: Daydreaming  

Favorite Pre-race Dinner: Pizza and 2 beers with olives.

Favorite Gear: 53/11

Funniest Race Moment: Putting my running shoes on after the swim to head out on the bike. Oops!

Name You Gave Your Bike: Penelope